Why are you here?

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Native America

Fighting Terrorism Since 1492

.This site has been down for a while and is still under repair. Please bear with me.

What is The laboratory of the mad scientist and Security Engineer Bo Weaver. Where in lies the secrets of the Universe held for the good of all and to protect from the Evil Doers of the world.

Well not really...

No this is my personal web site. I have went back to private contracting so I have added a Business Link to the left for information on my consulting and engineering services. If you are interest in these services please contact me.

The Security link is a section on various security writings that I have done that I can share publicly.

The Quotes link are various quotes of knowledge that I have pick up from various places.

Why is the site all dark and black?

Well I'm an old school pony tailed geek that misses the old days of black screens and green text. When mice were only found under the sub-flooring. Monitors only had 8 colors.

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