Why are you here?

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Native America

Fighting Terrorism Since 1492

Yes still making changes when I git out my round tuit.

What is The laboratory of the mad scientist and Security Researcher Bo Weaver. Where in lies the secrets of the Universe held for the good of all and to protect from the Evil Doers of the world.

Well not really...

Why is the site all dark and black?

Well I'm an old school pony tailed geek that misses the old days of black screens and green text. When mice were only found under the sub-flooring. Monitors only had 8 colors.

No this is my personal web site.
I have went back to work in the private sector working for a security consulting organization. The good thing is I am working as the Senior Pen Tester. So I get to hack networks and get paid and its legal.

Disclaimer here...

Nothing here relates to any employer that I might have. These are my words here and my words alone and have no reflection on anyone but me.
All security research on this site is not related in any way with my job or its customers. All research is just the bizarre rambling within my own little head, and the work preformed on private protected networks belonging to me. All work on this site is mostly done under a tree in the North Georgia mountains and not on company time.

A little about the site.

The Security link is a section on various security writings that I have done that I can share publicly.

I have co-authored a book with Wolf Halton it's now out in print and as an E-Book. The Book is "Kali Linux Windows Penetration Testing". Pick up your copy soon!
You can get your copy by clicking the link below.

A plug here for Open Source. All my workstations and personal systems run Linux and Open Source software. This site runs on Linux.

The Quotes link are various quotes of knowledge that I have pick up from various places.

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