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Welcome to the security section of my site. This section is talks and writings that I have done.

For about the last year myself and Wolf Halton friend and fellow security researcher have been working on a book which was recently published. "Kali Linux Windows Penetration Testing" This has been a true test of my abilities. I never thought I would write a book. It is odd that something that is easy to do and you do it all the time is really hard to put into text form. It burned my little brain a bit.

So what is it about? Humm I forget now….

The book is about pen testing systems in a Windows environment using my friend Kali Linux. The book is written for Windows System Administrators that want to pen test their own networks but don't have much experience using Linux. Things are explained from a Windows view point. Even if a Sysadmin never tests his network this book is a good read. It explains in detail how a pen tester or even a bad guy (remember pen testers are bad guys that work for good) can crack your network and the tools that they use. By understanding the methods you can block or avoid the attack vectors. By not reading the book the next time your network is tested for PCI/DSS, HIPPA or whatever security protocol you will make mine or whoever the Pen Tester is life a lot easier and you will get EPIC FAIL! On your report.

You'll also be helping starving security researchers in Georgia.

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